Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just call me 'Quasimodo'

On Tuesday I had quite a scare.  Cody begin throwing up at 11:00am and didn't stop until around 4:00pm.  He was not able to hold down any water or food.  The vet got me in that afternoon and all signs pointed to an obstruction.  Unfortunately, it was late in the day and they couldn't do x-rays until the next morning.  He was given an anti-nauseau shot and they pumped him full of fluids.  I've never experienced animals receiving fluids other than through iv's. 

Evidently, animals are able to absorb fluids that are injected just underneath the skin (unlike humans that need them directly in their veins).  The process takes awhile depending on how dehydrated the animal is and the result is a large hump where the fluid is injected.  Poor Cody definitely looked like Quasimodo. :(  The x-rays showed no signs of obstruction...thank goodness!  However, it did show a build up of minerals and rocks in his belly.  Over the past two weeks, Cody has been dining on the bird seed that falls from the feeder onto the rocks and dirt.  No doubt he picked up some extras along the way.  This is evidently quite common for young dogs and it should pass on it's own.  The only bad news we received is that his spleen is rather enlarged.  At this point, there is no telling why that is and it could be any number of things.  We have a follow-up in two weeks.  He seems to be back to his normal self and is currently 'roaching' on the couch.

On a side note, the past couple times I have walked into the guest room, I have found Callie & Tiny 'spooning'.  It's very sweet!  They sure do love each other.  :)


  1. Though Blue never ate any birdseed, we had a weird episode like this with him. He went through a period of vomiting almost daily for several weeks and his spleen was twice the normal size. Tons of xrays, ultrasounds and tests of all sorts never did find out what was wrong with him and the mysterious malady left as oddly as it came on. If you get a diagnosis we'll be watching to learn what it is!

  2. Glad to hear he is back to his ole self! It is scary when they are sick and even more so, if a diagnosis isn't immediately provided! If only they could talk!!

  3. Fingers crossed his spleen is just reacting to all the garbage in his gut. Those water injections are so gross, aren't they. I've had to give them to my cats before. They walk around with that bubble on their side or back for hours. Yuck.