Sunday, January 31, 2010

Down for the count...

Clicker training is going very well!  Despite Cody falling asleep during class, he's really enjoying it!  =)  I was so proud of him yesterday, because he was doing SO good with his down-stay.  I was able to walk across a room full of dogs and their owners and he stayed down.  Towards the end of class, I was even able to tug on his leash and he STILL stayed down!  Here's a photo of him practicing earlier this week in the kitchen...he was down for a full 8 minutes before I released him.  He got a little comfortable with this one, but at least he couldn't spring up easily from this position.  ;)  I just love the expression... "Mom, I'm laying down.  Where's my treat?!"

Last night, this new technique came in VERY handy.  I was making dinner, and as usual, my 'food-hound' (Cody) was right up underneath my feet.  After yelling "OUT!" numerous times, I decided to try the down-stay.  I put him in the down position just outside of the kitchen.  I then proceeded with making dinner, putting things back in the fridge, walking into the laundry room to throw things away, etc. all the while giving him a click and treat every couple minutes. Amazingly, IT WORKED!  He's generally right there the minute I open the fridge, but he actually STAYED PUT!  This was great practice for him and I was incredibly pleased.  We will continue to work on this as well as the release command so he knows that I control when he gets up and not him.

The rest of the family is doing well.  My husband's on the mend and will be able to start putting a little pressure on his foot mid-next week.  Callie and Tiny are just doing their thing.  I can't resist including this photo because it just cracks me up.  Callie fell asleep with her tongue sticking out, but she had it cute!


  1. Wow, good boy, Cody! We think our boy Jimmy would make a great pediatric therapy hound (because of his nose), and after seeing Cody's progress, we may go for it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That last photo is so funny. Yeah, Cody really cracked me up totally asleep in class. He's a cutie... fun dog. Great job with actually putting the training to USE.

  3. Once he picks up the idea of the clicker you can teach him lots of things. I've taught Roxy "away" and "mat" for times like that in the kitchen.