Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Comical dogs

I've really enjoyed the greyhound comics that appear on Shades of Greyhounds and Life With Dogs.  When I snapped the below photo, I thought it'd be a cute one to create my own comic from.  This is such a typical scene in my household and I'm pretty sure it accurately conveys Callie & Tiny's thoughts.  :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our whippet friend

A few weeks ago, I went Florida to visit my grandparents.  We had a great time just relaxing with no real agenda.  It's always wonderful to spend time with them!  While there, we stopped by for a visit with Frank, Nancy, and their whippet, Kodi.

Kodi is such a cute little guy!  You may remember that we first met him during our December trip to Florida and Tiny was quite taken with him.

While we were there, Kodi was talking up a storm!  I think he was jealous that Frank was petting my greyhound Cody, and he was showing his displeasure, but it sure was cute!! Frank and Nancy also gave me a beautiful bronze greyhound statue that I have in our display case now.

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Finally, I have a new favorite photo of the dogs, and this one happens to be my 9-year old brindle girl, Tiny.