Thursday, February 18, 2010


First, I have to start with the fact that I am a bad dog-mom.  :(  Tiny's 'Gotcha Day' was on Feb. 3 and she's been with us for three years!  I neglected to mention it or celebrate, so I will be making it up to her this weekend...Promise!

Greyt Black Dog talked about 'Going Gray' in a recent blog post.  This is something I too am noticing with my girls. The brindle around Callie's eyes has turned white.  Also, I noticed this summer that there is still a rim of the brindle around her black 'eyeliner'; however, her eyelashes have turned white!  Tiny is just starting to get some gray on her eyebrows, but still looks young because she hasn't grayed out all over.

Tiny (who is 9 by the way and doesn't act it at all), was running towards me in the backyard when I caught this picture of her.  I swear she looks like she's in one of those "Muscle Man" competitions!  Arnold Schwarzenegger, watch comes Tiny!!  She really is a funny looking dog.  I love her dearly, but she has a little bitty head, her ears are always pinned back, and she looks perpetually freaked out.  :P  Probably because she IS freaked out.  She's the most neurotic dog I've ever met, but she's MY neurotic dog!  We love you Tiny and hope to have many more 'gotcha days' that we won't forget to celebrate.


  1. Hahah! I can totally see the muscleman pose! Too funny!

  2. She is posing!! That is hysterical! And you are bad for forgetting Tiny's Gotcha Day (just kidding). I'm sure, though, if you sling her some liver in the backyard that she'll totally forgive you! :) Seriously, try it! Or at the very least, a turkey neck!!

  3. She is quite the poser! I love it. It is a little shocking to look back at the older pictures. It would be hard to cover that gray on a brindle. Seka can use a magic marker.