Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in the Southland

Let me start by asking that those north of me NOT laugh at our piddly 4" of snow. :-P  Honestly, this is the most I've seen in these parts in 20 years and I was elated that it was the fluffy kind and not the sloppy, wet stuff we normally get!  Of course Cody absolutely LOVED it.  He constantly had it on his nose from sniffing the ground.  Tiny really enjoyed romping around as well.  Callie was the only one that wasn't too sure about it and was ready to go inside within minutes.  She did finally realize that running in the snow was a lot of fun and I caught her mid-stride with her tail straight up in the air!  Here are some photos of everyone enjoying the accumulation.

Cody's first romp:

Results of sniffing the snow:

Tiny enjoys a romp:

Callie finally tests it out:

For other 'artsy' snow pictures that do not include the hounds, please check out my Flickr page


  1. Love the last picture. Tail straight up, too cute. Glad to see others are getting their share of some of the snow this winter. :)

  2. They looked like they really enjoyed the snow. Way more than my girls. Mine were prissy :)