Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!!

I'm sure some of you will giggle when you see what I'm calling "snow".  It's only an inch (if that), but the fact remains, we just don't GET snow very often in these parts.  It was still enough to cause havoc on the roadways as everyone scrambled out to purchase their rations of milk and bread.  To be honest, I've never understood that Southern phenomenon.  Even the slightest threat of a single snow flake sends hoards of people to the grocery store for those items. =)

I don't think Cody has ever seen snow before.  He was certainly inquisitive as he sniffed the ground to determine what was sticking to his paws and making them so COLD!  It didn't stop this courageous boy from making some yellow snow though. ;)

Tiny, on the other hand, was not too keen on braving the elements.  I finally bundled her up in PJs and forced her out the door.  I'm not sure if this look is because I sent her out in the cold, or if it's because I'm taking her picture while she's wearing her Tinkerbell jammies. lol  Either way, she's a cutie-pie, but stubborn as a mule!

Finally, I'd like to close with something that really pulled at my heart strings and made me glad that I volunteer my time for an amazing cause.  As you may, or may not know, I volunteer with a greyhound adoption group called Second Chance Greyhounds.  As part of this group, we have a prison partnership program where inmates foster and train the hounds for several months prior to their finding a new home.  The following letter came from one of the inmates about the dog she recently had to say good-bye too:
"Wish for Tessa
Tess is a thief. She steals hats, gloves, treats, and toys. She also stole my heart and won’t give it back. My wish is for Tessa to fill that heart with love, life, laughter, and joy. I wish her new family to love her, cherish her, let her run hard, let her run long – then let her run home."

Everyone stay safe and warm!


  1. Adorable jammies on Ms. Tiny! I'm sure she has grown to love them since she now knows they keep her little bum all toasty and warm!! How does Callie and Cody like theirs?

  2. LOL - Roxy has been sporting her jammies for weeks. It must be something with those tiny girls.