Friday, January 1, 2010

Cody's First Christmas

Well, we're finally home and settled in after basically spending Christmas in the car!  We started out with a trek from Georgia to South Carolina to spend Christmas with our parents. My mother-in-law had purchased a squeaky toy for each of the dogs (my 3 and her 2). Only Cody really seemed interested in the toys, so he quickly gathered them ALL up and began playing. Unable to decide which he liked the best, he quickly switched back and forth, from one to another, looking a little more like a tasmanian devil than a greyhound as he spun, leaped, and pounced.

If you've never seen Cody, the toy hoarder, this pic will give you a good idea of how he operates around toys.

The day after Christmas, we loaded up the car and headed to Florida to visit my Grandparents. As my mother and I walked everyone, we were stopped by a nice lady that had owned greyhounds before. She was on her way out, but asked if we would take the dogs by to visit her husband and their whippet. We headed that way and met Cody the whippet! Tiny was VERY taken with him (probably because he was close to her size) and he was a handsome little devil. :)

Callie finally got her revenge and managed to sit on Tiny this time. 

There was very little seating at grandma's house, but the greyhounds finally succeeded in vacating the humans and promptly took over the couch!  :)  All in all, it was a very nice Christmas.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!


  1. Kim, I love your blog! I've also seen your hand work on several christmas cards I got from my blog friends this year. AWESOME! I look forward to following your adventures :)

  2. Your dogs crack me up! They are quite comical - I can't imagine living with them everyday. Mine are boring in comparison but I love 'em all the same!