Friday, June 25, 2010


Where have April, May, and June gone?!  I now see how easy it is to neglect the fun stuff when you're buried in work.  Here are a couple of videos to get this blog up and going again!

This one is from awhile ago, but I love when Cody gets quizzical and in this video, he first noticed the ceiling fan:


  1. These videos are darling!
    What prompts your hounds to start singing?

  2. Any time they hear another dog howling or roo'ing, they start up and then there's no stopping them because they cause each other to keep going. :-D

  3. That one of Cody and the ceiling fan is hysterical!! OMG, just watched the first one. I can't stop laughing at Tiny in the background. Looks like Snoopy!! Your dogs just crack me up!

  4. Cody is not allowed in my house! Okay, we're in Australia, and he'd be in quarantine at least 6 months if he left today, but that's not my beef with Cody. Our ceiling fans are disgusting. I have to clean them today. The joys of being in the subtropics where we have no heat or a/c and rely on open windows. Cody would tell everyone what a cruddy ceiling fan cleaner I am.

    However, Cody is allowed to come with me to a B&B.