Friday, December 18, 2009


While I have blogged numerous times about our foster dogs and enjoyed doing so, curiously, I have never kept a blog of my own.  Now that we have a third greyhound, life is getting exciting again (read 'trials and tribulations of introducing a new hound'). =)

I guess this first entry should really be an introduction to the hounds, so you'll be familiar with the crew as you read about their future antics.

Meet Callie (f.n.a. "IPO Way to Go" - 7 yrs old), our FIRST greyhound...EVER!  When my fiancee at the time told me he really wanted to adopt a greyhound, I thought "Really?!  But they're all skinny and nothing but legs!"  Then we went to PetSmart where a local group was having a Meet and Greet.  One of the hounds walked up and put his nose into my hand.  My heart melted and I was SOLD!  Not too long after we moved to Atlanta, we started frequenting all of the meet and greets.  We looked online and saw Callie and it was love at first sight.  Unfortunately, she had been in a home previously and was treated very badly, so she was being nursed back to health by a wonderful group of volunteers.  After several weeks of waiting, Callie came to join us and she has been lavished with love and affection ever since!

Next up, Tiny (f.n.a. "Murphy's Lil Girl" - 9 years old).  At this point, we were kicking around the idea of adopting a second greyhound, but hadn't made any final decisions.  We attended a dog wash for our adoption group at the time and Tiny was being picked up by her foster mom to be.  We walked over to say hi and she immediately jumped up and "hugged" us (front paws on our shoulders and all).  We were do endeared by her that after spending a little bit of time, we went into the kennel to complete the adoption papers.  (We later found out that she "hugs" EVERYONE and we weren't really "chosen" as we thought we were).    Now Callie had a sister!  And even funnier, when I looked Tiny up on greyhound-data, she really WAS Callie's sister (half-sister...sired by the same greyhound).  It was fate!  You may be wondering why she has a stupid name like Tiny.  :P  She is a mere 47 lbs and the runt of her litter.  She was bounced because she was "too loving"...shesh!  Some people!!  Anyways, she seemed to know the name 'Tiny', so we kept it.

And last, but certinaly not least, is our newest of October 2009!  This is Cody (f.n.a. "Reward Inola" - 2 yrs old).  We had fostered Cody for a single night on his way to a new family and just adored him.  He was bounced 2 months later and again came to our home to be fostered.  He didn't exhibit any of the symptoms he was bounced for in our home and we just fell in love with this handsome boy!  He has REALLY come out of his shell and is most definitely a puppy, so it's been an interesting ride to say the least.  I don't think the girls have forgiven me yet for bringing another grey into the mix...ESPECIALLY a BOY!  :P

So that's the gang.  I hope you'll enjoy getting to know them!!

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  1. You have quite a handsome family Kim! I love them all and can't wait to see what you write about them! Oh, and don't forget the videos! :)